Don’t forget the geeks

Judd Apatow, ‘Bridesmaids’, And Feminism | The New Republic. A thoughtful review of the power of women in the entertainment industry (not much) and a movie that has supposedly realistic female roles [I haven’t seen the movie, but would like to]. Two points. First, a Hollywood film is about recouping the tremendous amount of money invested in making it. You can take some risks, but you can’t commit suicide. It is also true that a lot of Hollywood people don’t make that much money following the conventional wisdom.

But, my main point, the author references one of the most amazing high school themed television shows of all time – Freaks and Geeks. Her point, that you can make a complicated interesting show with a strong female lead. That’s the “Freaks”. The other half of the show, “The Geeks” is a complicated interesting look at the boys that don’t have a whole bunch of power. F & G was the first show that sympathetically portrayed what it was like to be the “loser” and outsider in high school.


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