Did you take your vitamins, Jenny McCarthy?

Patterns – Prenatal Vitamins May Ward Off Autism. At last, a nicely reported study on a significant issue: the numbers and probabilities are included, as is a direct link to an abstract of the study. The abstract states that a causal link needs to be identified and tested. With any epidemiology study, that’s a key provision – such studies are often wrong, although the effect size in this study is reasonably large.

More importantly, the sensationalist and dumbed down reporting of medical and scientific research has serious consequences. There are children dieing or suffering lifelong consequences because parents are choosing not to vaccinate there children – thus exposing  other children to a range of dangerous conditions. All reporting of research and the research itself needs to be viewed skeptically. This is not the same thing as not using research to make important life decisions. Research does not bring certainty to an uncertain world.


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