That was my kid rioting…

This The sad, painful truth about the Vancouver rioters’ true identities notes that the rioters in Vancouver weren’t underclass bad girls and boys, but the children of doctors, lawyers and other nice middle class folk. I’m not surprised – the adolescent brain is hard wired to focus on the immediate rather than the long term. I’m not sure what I would have done in similar circumstances when I was seventeen: would I want to prove that I wasn’t a wimp? would I have thought it would impress a girl with how “dangerous” I was? or would I have thought it was a display of petit bourgeoise values that simply wasn’t cool (sorry, I’m a child of the 60s).

This article makes a number of different points – there are over 700 comments. I’d note two things. First, as one commenter noted, the series was bad hockey – chippy and undisciplined. Second, I love how
Canadians as a whole have taken this so seriously – it is a stain on our national character! It wasn’t a bunch of crazy left coast loonies who caused the riot, but a failure of the Canadian virtues of tolerance, diversity and politeness. God bless us – we are so earnest.


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