My end is okay.

The End Of Librarians? Ctd – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast. Some great arguments in favour of school librarians in this set of readers’ letters. It’s nice to see how much press and reaction school libraries are getting these days. Now, if only we could put the same stress on physical education and arts education.

However, part of the reason School Libraries are under fire is that librarians often do an abysmal job of both providing the services students and teachers need and, if they are providing those services, making sure those services are tightly integrated into the life of the school. This isn’t the case with all librarians, but the issue is large enough that some educators will put library services at the bottom of the list.

What I haven’t seen in the coverage is one of the highlights of my career as a librarian – introducing to students, on mostly an individual basis, the romance of the book. There’s nothing better than introducing a bright student to Jane Austen, then having a serious conversation about her novels. That can be life changing for the student.


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