Depressed people building walls

The Post Media is reporting that Wade Belak had been treated for depression for four years. I feel so sorry for his Mom, who says that she doesn’t really know a lot about depression. It shouldn’t be that way. A depressed person has a huge impact on their family – their family needs to know what’s going on.

Wade’s father also was at a loss and had no idea that suicide was a possibility, as did a childhood friend.

In this article an old friend of mine, Ralph Schoenfeld, has some great things to say about the role of the enforcer and how it has to change.

It is my personal experience that someone with depression wants no one to know about their illness because it would be too painful to ask for help and engage with the world. I blew off all sorts of very caring friends and colleagues – I contributed to the stigma. As you can see from all of the above articles, Wade had a host of people who loved him and would have supported him no matter what. The disease made him not reach out to those who cared about him.


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