Do you want to be cooler than anyone else in Canada?

I am a substantial snob and very hard to impress. However,Carli & Julie Kennedy are perhaps the most exciting pop musicians out of Canada in the last 20 years. If the universe is in alignment, they are singing the music of the spheres.

They are twins – their voices meld like butter scotch and their tuning comes from heaven. They grew up in Powell River, British Columbia, the home of one of the most important choral festivals in the world. Their musicianship on their instruments (violin and guitar) is impeccable.

Go check out their website and watch the “Life is a Highway” video. I suspect that you will be one of the early fans of Canadian musicians who should take over the world. Move over, Celine Dion, you are a pale imitation of the real Carli and Julie thing.

Think I’m hallucinating? Let me know once you figure out you are wrong.


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