Day 1 – You can’t fail an adventure.

I’m bedded down in my hotel room in Gillette, Wyoming. Gillette seems to want to be good to me. I stopped by a liquor store to buy some beer to have with my pizza and the nice young man behind the counter asked me if I was over 55. I got a 10% discount! Why can’t the Saskatchewan Liquor Board  be as thoughtful of those of us who struggle on our pensions? I also got the “government” discount at the hotel – I’m not sure what that was about.

My route goes from Saskatoon to Regina, to the border crossing at Ridgeway.  Eventually I end up at Miles City where I get off the Interstate and head down through Brodus to Gillette. I’ve found this one of the most spectacular pieces of scenery in many of my travels. It’s like an old west movie only more spiritual. Here’s a very poor intimation of the scenery…


Unfortunately,  I’ve found that the signage in Montana and Wyoming less than helpful. In this case I managed to get on to highway 212 – far to the East of where I wanted to be. On the other hand, I drove through an even more spectacular piece of country and got to see Devil’s Tower…


I was up at 5:30 am and I’m reasonably tired. Sweet dreams to me.


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