Day 2 – Dealing with self-inflicted problems…

I left my iPad in Gillette! I’m having it fedexed to Erika’s place.  Not sure how that happened.

I drove the remainder of my trip to Windsor, where Erika and Andy live. This half of the drive isn’t nearly as spectacular – this landscape South of Gillette is dry and barren – and not the pretty kind of dry and barren.


I’ve seen very little indication that an election is coming up. In 2010 every county commissioner seemed to have lots of signage along the roads in Montana. There are very few lawn signs in Windsor. Andy says that it’s nothing like four years ago – there isn’t the same excitement.  I suppose it’s like any marriage – reality can trump romance.

I’m trying to set up my iPhone with a local SIM card. This is proving to be a bit of a pain. TMobile has the best of this type of service. I went over to Loveland to sign up, but TMobile is getting refused by Apple! Argh.

I’m off to one of the three Obama for America offices in Fort Collins tomorrow morning. Who knows what will happen. I emailed them to let them know I was coming, but got nothing in return.


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