Day 3 – He also serves who struggles mightily with cell phones…

I spent three hours this morning (Monday) trying to get my iPhone working with one of the carriers in the U. S. I talked to Sasktel for an hour, but all in vain. I’ve ended up buying a cheap prepaid cell so that I’m not completely out of touch. It took me another 90 minutes to get it up and running.

All the spoken word books I had stored on my iPhone were deleted.

I arrived at the Obama For America (OFA to us insiders) office right in downtown Fort Collins. There’s a railroad track with real railroad traffic going down the middle of the street – they even blow the whistle a lot.

I met a number of people. They seem to be either in their early 20s or seniors. I may be one of the younger seniors. Since my short term memory isn’t the best, I’ve been writing down their names and making a little notations (“cool sunglasses”, “nice blond highlights“).  I’ve been sitting around trying to get my new phone working – the young people seem to be huddling and I hear my name being mentioned.


The exterior of OFA in Fort Collins – not fancy.


You are greeted at the desk when you arrive – usually a senior on this duty.

In the background you see the “powers” in the office! All under 25.


Later – I’ve been transferred.  They need me in Loveland – the town just south of Fort Collins. Loveland is closer to Windsor. I’ll enjoy taking Phoebe to Loveland (that was an attempt at humor).

I was hoping to stay in Fort Collins because it is very cool and I thought I was very cool.

I have a billet named Deb. I’m supposed to call her – which I’ll do once my phone is working.

Later – I made the journey to Loveland, although I spent 90 minutes trying to find the office. Google Maps lied. I called Deb. She and her husband Jack seem very nice – one of the guys in the Loveland office has stayed with them and he says they’re terrific.

I decided to spend one more night in Windsor and I’ll move into my billet tomorrow morning.

The coordinators in the Loveland office are Frank (beard, is the boss), Luke (blond), and Barry (folliclely challenged).  Like Fort Collins, they are very gung ho – working from 9 to 9 (or later).

My day today of 8:30 to 6:00 has me pooped. However, it was a particularly adventurous day – lots of problem solving.


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