Day 4 – For a Guy Who Doesn’t Like Phone Calls…

I’m settled into Jack and Deb’s comfy bed in their basement after my first full day of campaigning. At 9 am I dropped off my stuff at my billet (Jack and Deb) and chatted for a while so that I wasn’t a complete stranger. They have 21 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. I have my hopes.

Most of the people I’ve met have no clue where Saskatoon is (don’t be smug, do you know where Missoula is?). I’m not particularly offended because ever hence they’ll say, “Do you know Ron from Saskatoon?” Which is alright by me. I’m a guy from Saskatoon worth knowing.

When you get asked this, please say hi to my friends.

Some of them are not real sure about Saskatchewan (“It’s the province that is shaped like a rectangle! It’s easy to draw when you’re in Grade 5.”)

Everybody knows who Joni Mitchell is. As you might expect from me, I’m tempted to go into an exegeses about her lyrics and home town – The River to sail away on is the Saskatchewan and the Empire Hotel was the Apollo. I’ve so far successfully suppressed my desire to teach everyone about everything.

It’s been hard.

I got to the office by 10. The first thing we discussed is that they really need me from about 1 pm until 9. However, I had a bunch of stuff to catch up on. I also read some of the literature and scripts they have written for campaign volunteers. I used my time productively.

What’s nice is that they ask you to personalize your comments about the President’s policies. I’m tempted to invent a life for myself as a librarian from St. Paul, MN with a red headed wife and two sons, but I think that might not work out.

Frank bought me lunch and I was interested to find out lots about him. His focus outside of politics is in clean energy policy from both an industry and government perspective. I didn’t encourage him to work for Saskatchewan’s uranium industry.

The Loveland campaign is hosting a Presidential Debate Watch Party tomorrow night. There’ll be free finger food, soft drinks and a cash bar. The Party goes from 6 to 9 – the debate is from 7 until 8:30. I’m looking forward to it

This inspired most of what I did today. I was to phone supporters and invite them to the party. I think I dialed 150 phone numbers. 90% of the time I got an answering machine. I was worried that my calls were being screened because my number was labeled “crazed Canadian Socialist who will corrupt your children”. Apparently that wasn’t true. So either the good Democrats and supporters of President Obama have a better social life than me or they’re working two jobs. I phoned in the afternoon and in the evening – same deal.

I did talk to one man who said that he’d tried to keep “that man” out of office in 2008 and that it probably wasn’t a good idea for him to come to the party. I think there was an error on my list.

I met and will expect to continue to meet the folks that drop in to volunteer for a couple of hours. Today, Yetta did some phoning. She emigrated from Germany and became a citizen in 2004. Like most converts, she was especially enthusiastic about her passion for all things Democratic. I liked her and we had a good chat.

I think I can handle 8 hours a day. 14 hours was looking intimidating. The “guys” (Frank, Luke and Barry) don’t necessarily have a diet blessed by Health Canada – can you say “fast food” and “take out”.  I’ll have to work out something more suitable to a 58 year old’s gastrointestinal system.

I have some new buddies at Jack and Deb’s.


Cujo the camera shy.


Sugar the beautiful

Jacko the boss.


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