Day 7 – Please don’t sick your dog on me…

We woke Friday morning to good economic reports for the U. S. economy. Hopefully the news will cover off some of the bad publicity from the debate.

Both yesterday and today (when it was snowing) I went to people’s doors to make sure their registration was up to date and to try to get an indication of how they were leaning for the Presidential election.

Since Colorado is a swing state and both campaigns are spending a lot of money on the state, some people are annoyed with the number of phone calls and door knocks they receive.  The Democrats are all about their “ground game”. Colorado has over 70 field offices to the Republicans 20 or fewer. The Democrats have also hired a lot of field organizers. While Obama’s campaign does TV, Radio and social media, the Republicans are relying heavily on television advertising. The Romney campaign is also doing “robocalls”, while the Democrats aren’t.

I’m really not impressed with the Electoral College (check it out on Wikipedia if you don’t know anything about it). Instead of electing a president by popular vote alone,  having an Electoral College means that a limited number of states where the vote is close get all the attention.

But then, I’m not particularly fond of our system of “first past the post” and how only a plurality of votes can give power to one party. We also have representative democracy issues.

I was told by one voter that they were screening their calls. This matches my hunch when I was doing phoning. I’d get a lot of message answering services. I’ve only had one “Go Away!” I also suspect I had a couple of people check me out and then not answer the door. I’ve met folks who are voting Republican and Republicans who are voting for Obama. Party registration is pretty well even at 30%, while independents represent the remaining 40%.

I’ve also met a couple who refused to register because they did not like anyone having their contact information. Four or five people have told me they don’t vote, that all politicians are crooks, and so on.

As a Registered Hypocrite, the only political campaigns I’ve worked on were provincial: Liberal in 1971 and NDP in 1982. I’ve never put up a lawn sign or used a bumper sticker. I’ve told myself that I wanted to get along with my neighbours and the other people I know – that politics could be divisive. I’ve also wanted the freedom to support different parties in different elections.

I’m probably going to have some friends and relatives yell at me, but last Provincial election I voted for Gord Wyant of the Saskatchewan Party (the province’s small c conservative party). I switched after the leader’s debate because Lingenfelter did such a terrible job – I couldn’t tell what actual policies he was espousing. I also like Gord – I’m familiar with him because he was on the Public School Board. Since then, I’ve been working with him on the death of the film industry.

Erika, Andy and Phoebe dropped by the office Saturday afternoon.



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