Day 11 – Old Man, Look at Yourself…

We’ve had a couple of men – senior citizens – come into the office recently to explain, emphatically, that we were screwing up the campaign, that we knew nothing about the community, and that, essentially, we were committing treason because of our incompetence.

Will I ever be an unreasonable curmudgeon who makes things difficult for those 50 years younger than I? I would hope so. But, I also know I’d do it with a lot more style and élan.

One of the problems is these men weren’t quite old enough. I’ve met people in their late 80s and 90s who are, essentially, Roosevelt Democrats. How cool. They know that now, as it was in the 30s, we have a tough slog and the answers aren’t particularly easy. You trust in the man and give him your vote.

I also understand where these guys are coming from. For most of their lives Colorado was a reliably Republican state. Yes, there would be a few small hard fought Democratic victories and God bless their efforts. However, the state has changed. Demographically, it is now far more Democrat leaning. The old battles really don’t have a lot to do with 2012 and it confuses them.

Colorado has become a swing state and they definitely aren’t swingers.

How do you deal with nasty old men? I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with nasty 14 year old boys and it’s pretty much the same. You lower the temperature and listen to their anger. Not an easy job.


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