Day 12 – Duck, Ron, Duck

Today someone shot out a window in the Denver office of Obama for America. This occurred at 3:00 in the afternoon.

I’m not worried. Frank, Barry and Luke are younger and far better looking than me. They would make much more attractive targets.

What’s the point of shooting a Canadian? I’d just get fixed up by my socialist Medicare system.

Besides, who could stand the disappointed demeanor of us earnest Canadians? Firing a bullet at me would be like breaking wind in front of the Queen.

Our office could really use some remodeling – there’s a nice back corner my desk would fit just right.

My insouciance may be a little insincere.

Most of all, I feel sorry for my American friends. They care about their country. They probably care more passionately then we deferential Canadians. However, that is their strength and it has brought our world a passion for freedom, justice and dreaming big.

That they have to put up with the crap of crazies is disheartening. However, they keep going.

We have lots of nut cases in Canada. Some of them are my relatives. There have been real tragedies like the Montreal massacre. However, our angry people don’t have easy access to weapons. It makes me think the Pyrrhic victory of Conservatives in abolishing the Long Gun Registry has an important consequence.

Remember, all you out there who care about me. The real danger I face is driving the I25.

Pray for my friends and the United States of America.


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