Day 23 – And She Has Great Hair

Today, Sunday morning, the Women’s RV Tour made a stop at the OFA office in Loveland. There was a congresswoman and two women officials from the White House and Campaign. Also, Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, was on the RV. She had a fairly prominent speaking position at the Democratic Convention.

I got some special items from her for Phoebe. Phoebe can make use of them the night of the election.

Speaking of my love, the second debate and this coming final debate, we have a “date”. This means we’re both watching and texting and talking. I wished I could be a calming presence back in Saskatoon, but Phoebe was quite insistent that I work harder so there was no chance Romney could get elected.

There were probably 75 people at this mornings event. I am meeting a lot of people and they’re all very friendly and gracious.

About 70 folks came

Cecile Richards and me – Shot 2 – which is better?

Cecile Richards and me – shot 1

Would they spend more on a Men’s RV?

Saturday night I made the Berntson / Voigts “Mush” – otherwise known as hamburger and pasta casserole. Comfort food!.


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