Day 25 – Freezing My Bum For Obama

I’m not sure why, but it didn’t occur to me that it could get cold in Colorado during October. Hence, no winterish clothing in my suitcase. Right now it’s 11° C / 46 F°. I’m in a two car unheated garage – what we call a “Staging Location”. Today I’ve been phoning for volunteers, entering data on the computer, and folding and stuffing flyers.

I have a small electric heater that I’ve place between my legs, but it’s still nippy. Plus, I have to pee and the home owner isn’t around. My car is at the mechanics, so I can’t slip over to McDonalds

On my potential volunteer list I mostly get no answer. Again, I suspect a lot of people are screening my calls. After all, who doesn’t answer their cell phone? I’ve also gotten what I think were a couple of hang ups (you don’t get that tone on a cell phone that you do on a land line). However, I’ve found one driver and a mother who says her 16 year old daughter owes her 20 hours of community service. Maybe helping to re-elect the President shouldn’t be punishment for missing curfew or whatnot.

Once I’m rescued (I’m on my own right now), I’ll relieve myself and pick up my car. I’m thinking about buying long underwear. However, will wearing long johns affect my “cold doesn’t bother me” Canadian persona? I really should have a seal skin parka made by Inuit craftsmen if I want to make a statement about the cold.


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