Day 26 – I am a Stimulus for the U. S. Economy

I stopped by Jax yesterday – this store has most of the brands of my favorite store, REI, but with cheaper prices. I’d like to see what the REI prices were – I was surprised when I was told the total. I bought a “shell” jacket by North Face. I’m maintaining my Colorado Cool.

I also bought long johns and an underwear shirt that certainly were more sophisticated than Stanfield’s (Canadian reference – the U. S. had Fruit of the Loom, we had Stanfield’s. I think our underwear didn’t have such a creepy name). These under garments, although expensive, also feel like the kind of nylon women’s underwear are made of. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Maybe I’m not as secure a man as I thought.

Here’s me, helping to elect the leader of the free world. Note the luxurious accoutrements and my snazzy new warm weather gear.


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