Day 26 – Joy #1 – Simply the Best

I have been staying with Deb and Jack for over three weeks – I have two more weeks to go.

I couldn’t ask for better hosts.

They are warm and generous. I love our conversations. I never feel like an imposition, even though I likely am.

I ask myself if I could be as kind to someone who stayed in my home for six weeks? I might fall short, but Deb and Jack are inspiration for what hospitality means. I will strive to be as gracious.

They even put up with my disquisitions on Canadian history, culture and politics. Why can’t I stop teaching everyone I meet?

Deb and Jack have to come to Saskatoon so I can pay back in some small measure what they have given me. I’m doing some planning. I might have to borrow the cabin at Candle. Of course, we’ll head to the Rockies. If you have any other ideas, let me know.

I really wish the flights weren’t so expensive. How can I change Federal policy so that our flights are as inexpensive as most U. S. destinations?

It’s not Deb and Jack’s fault, but Colorado weather simply isn’t fair. I told Jack this morning that I’d shovel the sidewalks. He said, don’t bother because it will melt. I still had to clean the car’s windows.


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