Day 26 – Vexed #1 – Court Martial Romney

As I’ve noted before, I have been fascinated by U. S. politics since I saw the Kennedy assassination in Life magazine (I was 10 years old). I’ve read a lot about the Civil War and am interested in every president since Roosevelt (both Teddy and Franklin).

Right now I feel a bit overdosed with the details of an American Presidential campaign.

So, I’m going to let off a little steam. Aren’t you looking forward to that?

First, the Romney campaign. During important speeches and debates Romney has failed to express his support for troops both serving and veteran. There hasn’t been even a simple sign of respect, let alone addressing the economic and health care needs of veterans. No matter what you think of U. S. foreign policy, ignoring those you have put in harm’s way is unconscionable.

Joe Biden has a son who served. Sarah Palin’s son served – it was probably a good way to put distance from his Mom (I’m sure he loves his mom no matter what). None of Romney’s five sons aged 31 to 42, ever served. Ann Romney is quoted as saying her husband’s and sons’ two years as Mormon missionaries substituted for serving their country. I’m sure that comforts those families who have lost sons and daughters.

I have no problem with men my age who did everything they could to avoid the draft for Vietnam. I especially admire John Kerry who both served in and protested the war. However it gives new meaning to the phrase “class warfare” when privileged young men let the 99% fight their wars.

John Stewart, the champion of all things liberal, last night said he was tired of politics and wanted to talk about something important. He had two vets – a man and woman who were medics – explain the kind of work they did in the forces. Now they’re not even qualified to be a school nurse. Stewart, using humor, hopefully brought some constructive shame on the country and government for making it unnecessarily hard for vets to get credentialed for skills they have acquired during their service.

Even Rachel Maddow, that paragon of all things progressive, has written a book and used her MSNBC TV show to support U. S. troops.

I read recently that because of the signs of respect that Obama has shown and because of Michelle’s work on the needs of military families that troops are now overwhelmingly voting for Obama.

Mitt Romney’s attitude towards the military makes him unqualified to be Commander in Chief. If he’s unqualified to be Commander in Chief, he’s unqualified to be President.


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