Day 29 – Oh Silly, Silly Addiction

I admit I have a problem. I will surrender myself to a higher power, Barack Obama, I will take a careful inventory of all the different websites I’m constantly reading.

The first thing I do when I wake up is check to see if there’s been any news overnight. I have my three or four websites I turn to first, but if they are silent, I have a second tier of lower quality sites. If I go an hour or two without checking, I get nervous. I read about the election at breakfast. I watch MSNBC (the anti-Fox News channel) for a couple of hours at night but finish off with Jon Stewart.

Like any addiction, I’m getting less and less satisfaction. At times I’m sick of all the politics, exaggeration  meanness and polls. Did I mention that polls are my drug of first choice?

So, that’s me in the last week before the election. What I haven’t thought about is what I’ll do on November 7th – might not be pretty. Will victory feel hollow? Will defeat send me running for the border, all my new U. S. friends hiding out in my trunk?


One response to “Day 29 – Oh Silly, Silly Addiction

  1. Hi Ron ..
    Tool Club this coming Tuesday.

    At Brad Evensons.
    I will tell the guys about your blog.

    have fun buddy..

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