Day 37 – Clever Planning On My Part

I’ve had to change a clock for Daylight Savings twice in my life – I wasn’t living in Saskatchewan and we don’t save daylight. Today I had the delight of finding I had an extra hour in the morning!

Three things.

There is an excellent article in the New York Times about Democrats who threaten to move to Canada if they don’t win – would Canada even want them? The suggestion I liked is that Canadians should move to the U. S. so they can reinforce the progressive cause.

The same newspaper has a thorough explanation of the Democrat and Republican “ground games”. It describes the atmosphere and details of what I experience daily.

Finally, one of the young men I have worked with for over a month, Luke Buchanan, has been arrested for a misdemeanor sexual assault committed while he was canvassing door to door. Needless to say, we were all surprised. There have been lots of news stories but no other fall out. The young woman still supports President Obama – she just has a very clear idea of her personal boundaries – good for her. Luke will have to live with his criminal record.

One of the news articles was headlined “Grope and Change.”


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