E+2 – I actually may have won the election

I spent last night with Erika – it was great just to have some father / daughter time. I will miss being able to call her and Andy up and get together without much effort.

Growing up in Saskatoon, having access to Grand Parents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins – this was very important for all five cousins. Now just Catherine is in Saskatoon. We wish them the best, but also miss them.

I was up and off by 6:30 (5:30 Colorado time). I’ve been able to make the Fort Collins – Saskatoon trip in 15 hours (with a $150 ticket once). Not today. I’m in the Travelodge in Regina after 14 hours on the road. About a hour south of the border, a reasonably sized buck jumped into the driver’s side door. It was like a dream – he was beautiful, with a large rack of antlers. I stopped to have a look, but I couldn’t see him.

On the other hand, my vehicle probably has over $1,000 worth of damage – the door, mirror and front left panel are toast. Based on the damage, I’m sure he’s dead and I’m glad I didn’t have to face that.

I’ve mentioned Nate Silver, the statistician, before. Here’s a quote from today column:

“Based on the polls, it appeared that Ohio was the state most likely to win Mr. Obama his 270th electoral vote. Instead, it was Colorado that provided him with his win – the same state that did so in 2008”

Wow. I was even more important than I thought! By the way, Larimer County – where I was working – went Obama.




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