The Best Gun Control Commercial Ever

A family of ten is sitting around a dining room table, enjoying a meal. The centre piece is roast duck and venison. The WOMAN seated at the table wears a plaid flannel shirt and big work boots. The MAN seated at the table wears a cotton top embroidered with traditional American Indian symbols and Birkenstocks.

WOMAN: I’m a red neck rifle toting hunter who likes to get out in the woods and shoot something.

MAN: I’m a granola eating liberal who shops at Whole Foods and goes on peace marches.

WOMAN: But on the issue of gun control, we both agree on sensible limits to the possession and use of fire arms.

MAN: Most gun owners aren’t survivalist crazies – they’re nice people who might be a part of your family.

WOMAN: Most gun control advocates have no interest in flying black helicopters and taking away my guns.

MAN: All it takes is some listening, learning and a little respect to solve a big problem.

WOMAN: You need to take the time to get to know each other. From understanding comes progress.

MAN: The Second Amendment, like the rest of our Constitution, is part of the foundation of our country.

WOMAN: Gun manufacturers making a profit on the dead bodies of six year-olds is obscene.

BOTH: Make a plan together.

MAN: You know, this duck that you shot has a great crispy skin and moist dark meat. And the rhubarb sauce and venison is to die for.

WOMAN: The ancient grains and organic date salad is the perfect side dish. It’s al dente with a nice nutty flavour.


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