Anti-vaccine Woo #1

I have a lot of strong feelings about the incredibly dangerous and dishonesty of the anti-vaccine movement. This is just one example. The statement that a German study found “vaccinated children have at least two to five times more diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children” caught my attention. That level of difference is astounding. Imus, the author, didn’t link to the study (although she did include other links).

So, I went looking. This appears to be the “study”. You will note that it is being done by an anti-vaccine website and that the unvaccinated children are evaluated on the basis of an online questionnaire. The complete uselessness of this research design needs no more comment.

If you want a German study that compares the health of vaccinated to unvaccinated children, you can read a summary (although I should also note that this website is pro-vaccine – they do, however, include a link to the actual report so you could go and read it for yourself). Vaccinated children are at no more risk of disease than unvaccinated children. Unvaccinated children are at far more risk of childhood infectious diseases typically prevented by vaccines.


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