The Race to the Future

While watching the Inaugural coverage on CNN, I was impressed with the focus on Michelle Obama’s wardrobe. I think it’s cool that the most fashionable and elegant woman in the world is black. Her height, her healthiness, the way she carries herself, are all admirable and a refreshing change.

The New York Times reports on blacks’ pride and expectations for President Obama. You can see the pride in the hundreds of thousands of African Americans attending the ceremony.

Yet, particularly on the part of activists, there is disappointment that there hasn’t been much change in the conditions that confront the black population.

Doing something about gun control and increasing employment should begin to address some of their concerns. On matters of race, I think Obama could be much more effective if, like Clinton, he uses his post Presidency to influence change. Promoting the dream is almost impossible in the cauldron of the Presidency.

Even though there would be no immediate change, the most important service Obama can make on behalf of African and all Americans is an investment in education, research and infrastructure.


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