I’m in the South Pacific and You’re Not – #1

Three more sleeps and I get on an airplane and fly to the Cooks Islands. It’s a long trip – the final leg will be with Air New Zealand. They emailed me the other day with a program where I could bid on an upgrade to 1st class. The upgrade is normally $1,600 each way (LA to Rarotonga). The flight time seems to be around 12 hours and 7,500 K. So far, they haven’t emailed me to say my bid was successful, but the email can come 24 hours before departure. What I bid I can just marginally afford, so I’ll be fine either way: comfortable or have a better bank balance.

When I made my bid I wanted to tell them the noble work I’d be doing in CI (Cook Islands), but there wasn’t a space to input that. In case you don’t know, I’ll be with Global Volunteers for three weeks working in schools, libraries, and so on.

You can find out more about the weather in CI at http://cookislands.org.uk/weather.html, It’s certainly warmer than the -10 to -30 C weather we’ve been having in Saskatoon. However, it does look like there’s lots of rain. I find that in high humidity I tend to “glow” (sweat) more, but eventually I acclimate.

I’ll be staying at the Kiikii motel (http://www.kiikiimotel.co.ck/), which although not luxurious, looks good to me. The reviews are positive (http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g294330-d309562-Reviews-Kiikii_Motel-Avarua_Rarotonga_Southern_Cook_Islands.html) – just one crabby ingrate.

Time to get packing.


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