Day 5 – Ron’s Not a Team Player

It’s actually Tuesday when I’m writing this, as we’ve had nothing but trouble with the internet since Friday. I used my ugly Canadian persona to get some action, only to discover that the old, unreliable ADSL modem is owned by the motel. Whoops.

I’ve been working at Titikaveca College.Titikaveca is an area on Rarotonga.

titikaveka college sign

school 1
It’s laid out like most schools in the tropics. There are no hallways, simply classroom buildings abutting a playing field.

There are some big old trees in the school yard.

school tree

school tree 1
I’m giving Caleb a hand with the computer lab.

caleb and ron
I got the flowers because the other couple who were at the school were leaving. Unfortunately, I seem to be a wilter – other people’s last 3 days.
This is the computer lab – not much like labs in Saskatoon.



Friday was team building day – schools all over the world have team building days, but few of them end at the ocean. The students gathered at the playing field.

waiting students

They sort of paid attention when one of the student leaders explained what was happening. We were off. We decided to follow the students.

walking 1

students walking
This wasn’t the smart thing to do because they didn’t know where they were going. We got to see things above the main road.

nice house 3

nice home 1

There were some lovely homes away from the road. The kids didn’t know if the people were rich. Some had banana and other fruit trees.

bananas in backyard

All the time, the mountains were close by.

walking looking at mountain
We also saw our first evidence of agriculture, although the plots are very small.

agriculture 1

Yup, that’s corn. You might want to have bananas in your back yard.

There were also fruits I couldn’t identify.

unidentified fruit

It looks like an angry raspberry. Everywhere you look are palm trees.


And colourful hedges.

plant 1

Many homes have family plots for their departed.

family grave

I personally want to be buried under my grape vines.

Cook Island churches have some really old markers – this is from 1881.

grave marker
Every house has a solar water heater on their roof.

solar water
At last we were completely lost. The kids had led us back to the main road. We thought we’d head down to the beach and wait for the kids. As usual, the beach was amazing.

beachscape 4

beachscape 3

beachscape 1

There was a coconut tree nearby.

coconuts in tree

coconuts on ground

And all these trees have coconuts that have fallen and are ready to eat.

nice house on beach

This is what a beach house looks like. Nice, hey?


I liked the hammock even better, but I was afraid to trespass.

The other two volunteers had gone to “check things out.” This meant they found an ocean side bar. Eventually I got lonely and headed back to the school. I’d gone to the wrong beach. The kids turned up and had their hot dogs and bread.

students getting hotdogs

And had a candy scramble.

candy scramble

I went home. I’m kind of sorry I didn’t get to go down the mud slide. Next year.


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