Day 20 – One More For the Road

The last Friday of my trip was definitely one of the highlights. I stayed at school until Mata (the principal) first took me to help pick up a barbecue and then we were off to her house. To get the barbecue, we had to travel through some of the back roads away from the main circle road. It was really interesting – lots of agriculture.

Mata lives up on one of the main mountains (hills). There is a deck on three of the four sides of her house. The view is amazing. The staff all brought traditional Cook Islands food – which I like a lot. They had a small ceremony to say good bye to me. They presented me with a very tasteful shirt – like the typical Hawaiian shirt but actually subtle. I told them how much I loved their islands.

Chris, one of the new teachers at Titikaveca, let me catch a ride on the back of his scooter. I didn’t do well. In fact, it made my bowels do an intricate dance. I hung in there and Chris was very nice not to mock my anxiety. He dropped me off at a local park where there was an important rugby match going on. I saw the last 10 minutes.

Then we were off to the “Whatever” bar. Since it’s on the west side of the island, it has a fabulous view of sunset. We had some food, but mostly we drank and reflected on our time together.

If you’re going to be dissolute, the “Whatever” bar fills the bill entirely.


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