Southern Baptist isn’t the only version of Christianity

In North America we have a very distorted impression of what constitutes Christianity: there are Catholics, crazy Protestants and nice Protestants.

However, through out the Middle East, North Africa and India there are Christian communities with roots thousands of years old.

There are the Syriac Christians of multiple varieties that speak a derivative of the same language Jesus spoke. There’s the Ethiopian Christians founded by the disciple Philip. And how about the disciple Thomas who went to India where there are still Christian churches that are 1,900 years old?

All of these traditions should give pause to those of us who think that the major questions of Christianity were formed during the Reformation. The churches in the West are likely far less authentic than the churches of the Middle East.

Unfortunately, many of these churches and traditions are under intense pressure that can often be called persecution. Why the reluctance of the West to support and defend these communities?

Because so many of these Christians are leaving their homelands, we are loosing an invaluable treasury of church history and practice.


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