And the Who?

Rolling Stone published a long story about the Rolling Stones. It’s certainly a worthwhile read – particularly for us Baby Boomer’s. It also led me to meditate on the sound track that’s accompanied my life.

Most importantly, I would strongly encourage people younger than me to make sure they see the artists they love in concert. I’ve never seen the Stones, Dylan or Springsteen in concert. It would be a good memory to have.

I did see both Ellington and Fitzgerald live and that experience is something I look back on a lot. Both were amazing: Fitzgerald so warm as a person and Ellington still the definition of cool.

So, the Stones are going on 50 years together. They look old – older than me!

Yet they are, as they’ve always been, the definition of “tight”. The “licks” created by Keith Richards are the foundation of that sound. He’s a genius and a not particularly nice person.

The Beatles were even tighter as a band with each musician contributing more to the overall sound. And of course, Lennon-McCartney are one of the great song writing combinations of the 20th century. Yet they could only last a decade, whereas the Stones have lasted five. I suspect that the crap Richards and Jagger have gone through as a pair was far more difficult.

In both cases, the pair was so much greater than the individuals.

It’s a great what if – what if Lennon and McCartney had managed to work out their differences. And, yes, I don’t blame Yoko. John needed her.

I will give credit to the Rolling Stones for their worship of American blues guitarists – there was a large group in England in the early 60s. Those wonderful black musicians from the Mississippi Delta and Chicago were astonished when all these serious white boys from England showed their reverence.


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