No Guilt Retirement

So, here’s what I’ve bought over the last month:



You may have to click on the picture to identify everything, but you might be able to spot:

  • An Echo 2 stroke power head with cultivator and string trimmer attachments. I might buy the lawn edger some time.
  • A 10 inch Mastercraft table saw (trust me, you should install the safety features).
  • A Ryobi mitre saw.
  • A Ryobi 5″ portable saw.
  • A portable wet dry vacuum.
  • A leaf  blower / vacuum which I haven’t got around to unpacking.

I am set for a lot of fun this summer. By the way, I haven’t pictured the dado blades I bought for the table saw – they’re very cool.

If you think I’ve gone crazy, let me add the following. I learned the principles of the wood working equipment in Mr. Denysuk’s shop class in Grade 9 and 10 (1968 to 69) at Kinistino Comprehensive High School. That was a while ago, so I tend to screw things up. I call it learning. Mr. Denysuk, one of my all time favourite teachers, would be proud.

I also feel no guilt about not using these tools in a hectic, “I’ve got jobs to do” fashion. I take my time. I figured out that retirement should be about taking your time and extracting as much pleasure out of the day as possible. When I feel guilty, I just remember that I have a son-in-law and assorted friends who might come to my place and play “tools”. It’s lots of fun.


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