Pray for this sinner

Here’s my current project:


You might think I’ve erected a 12 foot cross in my back yard. You are afraid that if you drop by, I’ll make you kneel at the foot of my cross and confess your sins.

No, not really. This is the beginning work on the “Tower of Ella”. This will be a 12 foot high cat thing. She’ll be able to scramble all the way up to a little house at the top, where she can creep out the neighbours with her voyeurism.

Actually, I’ve restricted her adventures so much with my “electronic” fence, I feel sorry that she isn’t able to climb trees as she’d like. I especially want her to stop climbing my 2 year old apple tree. She’s already broken one branch.

When it’s done, she’ll be able to stare into four different neighbours yards who all have little dogs. I’m sure she’ll go “na, na, na” and drive them crazy.



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