Don’t mess with Berntson

Committee signs off on Sask. urban ridings.

The change to all urban Federal ridings in Saskatoon and Regina has been an issue I’ve cared deeply about for three years. I had an opinion piece published by the Star Phoenix in September of 2011 which analysed the wildly divergent voting patterns in our current ridings. The Star Phoenix went on to do a similar analysis of the polling data and their lead editorial endorsed urban only ridings.

The Electoral Boundaries Commission has confirmed their original decision and it would take a real daring for the Parliamentary committee to reject the recommendations of an independent body.

I was disappointed that my MP, Maurice Vellacott had the bad grace to question the impartiality of the Chairman. Since Vellacott won’t be the MP next election, I can understand his frustration: he may not even get the nomination.

There’s no way he will get the nomination in Kindersly – Rosetown – Humboldt. He’d have to decide to run decide to run in Saskatoon West, which is likely where Nettie Wiebe will likely be the candidate for the NDP. She has a real shot at winning if she can get out her vote on the West side. This is my riding, so I’ll think about campaigning for her.

In the likely event that the Conservatives win Kindersly – Rosetown – Biggar, I hope Kelly Block gets the nomination – she’s a nice lady who’s very community minded. Lynn Yellich will likely hang on to Saskatoon Grasswood. She’s also an effective member for the Conservatives and similar in outlook to Kelly.

If Brad Trost gets the nomination for Saskatoon Center – University, he’ll loose. There’s a good chunk of the West side in this riding, and he’s not exactly on the side of the poor. This riding also contains the University of Saskatchewan, which should be the source of lots of workers. This is another riding I could work – as they may need all the help they can get. He also wouldn’t likely get the nomination in Kindersly – Rosetown – Biggar.

I suspect Harper may be very glad to get rid of Vellacott and Trost – they have been leading the sort of revolt in the Conservative back benches and pushing him on social issues – a sure looser as far as Harper is concerned. He may quietly get the word out to the Committee to approve the boundary changes.

I’m feeling pretty good right about now!


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