The Capitalist Argument for Single Payer Healthcare

Westjet, who is usually more reliable, lost my luggage when Phoebe and I went to Hawaii before Christmas. My bag contained my medications for depression and anxiety. I’m dossed quite heavily and knew from experience that I would go crazy if I didn’t get my morning and evening meds. Not psycho crazy, but a pain in the butt to live with.

So, I hopped in a cab, went to an emergency room, saw a doctor for 5 minutes. got a temporary prescription, went to the drugstore and then back to the hotel.

I just got my bills for this visit: $US303 for the doctor and $US312 for the hospital. Not hard to add up.

Medical services delivered outside Canada are paid for at the rate Saskatchewan would reimburse the hospital. Guess how big a cheque I’ll get from the Province? $CDN50.

The really annoying part is that the Canadian dollar has gone down about 6 cents since we were in Hawaii!

If you don’t think health care in the U. S. is tragic, how about considering it ridiculous?


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