I’m still anxious

In 27 hours Phoebe will take me to the airport to begin my journey to the Cook Islands. This time going there will take 38 hours and returning will take 36 hours.

Why is this so much longer than last year? Because I didn’t pay attention to what orbitz.com was telling me. In order to get the cheapest flight I have a 21 hour layover  in Vancouver going and a 19 hour layover in LA coming back. I bet that if I’d paid $100 more I could have done better. I’ve booked hotels in both Vancouver and LA, so my costs are increased anyway.

On the other hand, it might be good to break up the trip a bit.

It’s been miserable weather most of January and February. We’ve had long stretches of -30 (windchill – 45). To heat my woodworking shop, I turn on the portable heaters at 8:00 am and things might get unfrozen by the late afternoon.

As many of you may know, my mother-in-law, Winn Voigts, died just under two weeks ago. She had been in the hospital three weeks and seemed to be doing better. Winn was a fighter – she battled Parkinsons for over 20 years, and she seemed to be ready to fight some more.

However,  very early in the morning she went to sleep and passed away.

I’m glad she didn’t have the struggle of the last six weeks my mom, Isabel, went through. On the other hand, I got a lot of months to say goodbye to my mom. Phoebe and her sisters didn’t get the same opportunity.

I will always be grateful for those talks with Mom. She told me all the family secrets except for one. I’ll leave my relatives to guess which she didn’t tell!

So, I’m leaving Phoebe alone for four weeks just when she could use the most support. Please feel free to drop by or give her a call (or give her a call before you drop by).

I had an appointment with my psychiatrist this last week and he said that the ups and downs that I’ve experienced over the last year were pretty typical. I still was going to have good times and not particularly good times, although nothing to match what I went through two years ago.

As I reported last year (https://crankyron.com/2013/02/14/day-17-the-island-of-serotonin-reuptake-inhibitors/), all of my symptoms disappeared during my three weeks in the Cook Islands a year ago.

Time to get back to washing clothes and packing. I’m taking one pair of long pants (the ones I’ll wear on the plane) and three pairs of shorts. This time I have three Hawaiian shirts, so I won’t look as foreign.


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