Feb 24 – Monday

8:00 AM

It’s about an 42 minutes until we land in Rarotonga. I am excited.

In not too long, the sun will be up.

The flight from Vancouver was delayed because they had to de-ice the plane (a good thing I suppose), so I got into Los Angeles with 45 minutes to get to my gate. Surprise! It was the gate right beside my arrival. I had time to buy stuff from Duty Free – which was also right beside the gate.

While I was in the shop, I heard my name over the PA system. They did a really good job of pronunciation. I felt kind of important and they were real happy to see me at the gate – everyone else was already on board. The flight attendants were happy to see me. There’s some kind of “last will be first” in this situation, but I’m not sure what.

I’m travelling Air New Zealand and I really like them – sensible and welcoming hosts. Hurray Kiwis!

And I’ve hung on to my passport, wallet, money folder and medications!

12:46 pm (Rarotonga time)

I’ve been at the Kiikii (my motel) since 8:30 am.

I did manage to loose my jacket. I think it’s nice that I leave evidence of my passing all over the world.

I’m not so sure I’m as keen on Kiwis – Air New Zealand left my luggage in LA. So I have their special “emergency kit”, which contains a white t-shirt. Not sure what that’s about.

I also get to spend up to NZ$100 courtesy the airline, so I went off to the Cook Island Trading Company store and picked up a pair of flip flops, shorts, and my 4th Hawaiian shirt – this one bright red.

The main issue is that my electricity converters are in my suitcase, so I can’t charge all my electronics.

With any luck, the suitcase will be here tomorrow afternoon, having travelled to Auckland and then to Rarotonga.

I also picked up a password for the Wifi hotspots all over the island and a prepaid phone card. Unfortunately, I can’t get the internet from my room. 

I’ll get over it. Last year I was in Room 21. This year I’m in Room 22, so you’ll notice that this photo is from a slightly different position. I love this room and how close it is to the ocean.

We’ve had our initial meeting. There are seven of us in total and I think, at 60, I am the youngest. The other odd thing is that the other two men are also “singles”, not couples. Luckily I paid the single room supplement, so I’ve got my privacy.

I’m tired and I could use a nap. On the other hand, just sitting on my balcony is appealing.


One response to “Feb 24 – Monday

  1. “I did manage to loose my jacket. I think it’s nice that I leave evidence of my passing all over the world.”
    This made me laugh! Good luck!

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