Friday 28th

As you’ll note below, the internet has been spotty all over the island. It’s working, so I’ll post what I’ve already written and try to do more later.

February 28 – Friday

The Cook Island’s internet provider is switching systems and until next Monday, service will be either non-existent or spotty. Hence, no postings.

Perhaps the real reason I haven’t been posting is that I spend as much time as possible just sitting on my balcony staring at the ocean. It is endlessly fascinating and soothing. 

On Tuesday I got on the 8:05 Clockwise bus and arrived at Titikaveka by about 8:35. As I was walking to the office, one of the students said, “Hello, Papa Ron”. I liked that. Apparently Mata (the principal) had told the students that I was coming.

It was great to meet friends from last year and meet some of the new teachers – I’d say there are about 5 new teachers.

Caleb – a math teacher and fellow film production buff – and I had a long chat about his summer.

My job right now is to install three terminals in the library. The library has been moved to the room beside the computer lab.

Apparently, last year the technicians from the Ministry of Education came and messed up the entire network. Caleb’s brother, who has excellent tech skills, was hired to fix the network. Now the ministry techs aren’t allowed to touch anything!

At 5:00 pm Tuesday, we all went to watch a dance practice and then went over to the Museum / Library. I’d been to the Museum / Library last year, but it was good to see it again.

After dinner, I sat on the deck, watching the ocean. Eventually I began to finish the Jack Reacher novel I’d started on the plane. It got so interesting that I didn’t get to bed until 11:30. Getting up at 6:00 was painful. But boy was it fun sitting and reading beside the ocean.

My suitcase arrived on Tuesday afternoon, to much relief on my part. I unpacked everything and tried to get it all “ship shape”. I accomplished this, but unfortunately, when I hid my money in a really safe spot, I was unable to find that same safe spot on Thursday. I’ll either have to sit a spell and figure out what I would consider safe, or I will tear apart my room.

Whoops, as I wrote the above, I remembered where I put the money. If I’d been delayed longer, I may have spent less.


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