March 6, Thursday

The last five or so days have been brutally hot. The forecast for the next 7 days is for more of the same. Even sitting on my deck isn’t all that comfortable. It can feel quite warm at night. There is humidity is about 80%.

The fan in my room is my best friend. I’d prefer a ceiling fan, but I can get by with the swing and sway style. I’m drinking lots of fluids, but I can still sweat buckets and be able to wring my t-shirts to get a half cup of liquid. Even the local residents sweat.

There’s a 40% chance of rain on Sunday – would be nice.

At last I got a cable tester so I could get back to work on the terminals in the library. Creating the network cable involved getting 8 tiny wires in the right order and putting them in a plug. It took me about a dozen tries, but I got the cable done yesterday.

Last night (Wednesday) the group went out to learn about coconuts, tour our leader, James’s, brewery and eat some pizza.


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