Hot, but not the good kind.

The last couple of days I’ve been doing technical stuff – installing software, updating video drivers, etc. Usually I have to do some research, so I’m a bit on the slow side. They are, however, very appreciative.

The weather has continued very, very hot – 31 during the day ad 25 at night. Caleb, at school, told me that it wasn’t just North Americans who were suffering. The group went out to dinner on Friday night at the Tamerind – excellent food. I had the tuna and, well not as good as the progressive dinner, still excellent. It was so good that Tyrone and I went the next night – this time the ribeye steak with mushroom sauce was excellent.

Sunday I did a little bit of snorkelling. However, most of the weekend I sat on my balcony or by the pool and read the Alex Cross detective series – I’m now on book 6.

I have some pictures to put up, but my iPhone isn’t cooperating. I’ll try later.


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