Land of Opportunity and Beavers

In my youth, if you wanted to make big money, you moved to the United States. Many young people did. Being Canadian was not an economic choice. No longer, according to the New York Times. If you are middle class in the U. S., you now make less money than in Canada.

What disturbed me even more, $58,000 per capita income represents membership in the top 5%. While a good income, that doesn’t represent an impossible salary for someone in the prime of their career as a teacher, nurse, fireman and so on. I’d like to see the comparisons for the top 5 to 3%, because I suspect, being an average, that income distribution is spiked even higher for the top 2%.

It also strikes me that when $58,000 represents the top 5%, the bottom 95% are making far too little money.


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