Remembering a Old Girlfriend

In 1983 I spent an outrageous amount of money and bought an Apple IIe computer. The printer I purchased at the same time was cost a half a month’s salary.

Yes, I could have put the money in a retirement account, but I didn’t. Instead, I taught myself some skills I used for the rest of my career. I could have never conceived and implemented Media School ( without that technical background.

It did, however, require me to keep purchasing expensive computers to keep up with the technology:

  • Apple IIGS
  • Macintosh Classic
  • Macintosh IIvx
  • Power Macintosh 6100
  • generic Microsoft 95 box
  • fancy custom built Microsoft Windows XP box
  • fancy custom built Microsoft Windows Vista box
  • cheap Linux laptop
  • Samsung Windows XP laptop
  • Mac Book Pro laptop.

I’ve never actually created the above list before. Considering that it covers over 30 years, it’s not bad.

I’ve wandered way off the point.

The BASIC computer language is now 50 years old. I spent hundreds of hours writing BASIC programs back in my Apple IIe and IIGS days. Those were the only years in my technology career when I actually did some computer programming. That was very valuable experience – mostly because it gave me an insight on the complexity required for software development.

Those smart nerds are very smart, but software development is very difficult.

I can still see the black screen with green characters that were a part of my BASIC experience.


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