Francis the cool

This article discusses how Pope Francis is influencing one of the more conservative Archbishops in the U. S. – Dolan.

It is totally illogical and silly, but my passion for Barack Obama has a lot to do with how darn cool he is. He can say and do things that take you aback and make you think. He can invite a couple of guys to have a beer and get to know each other: a policeman and the black academic who the policeman tried to arrest. He can make some really good jokes about himself and the many issues he faces. He can make a good basketball shot.

Is coolness important? Does it mean anything? Does it make a difference?

I think it does.

Which brings us back to this article. Cardinal Dolan, because of the leadership of Pope Francis, is examining his priorities.

Then there’s this paragraph in the article:

Besides reining in excess, however, Francis has asked priests and bishops to limit their travel and focus on ministering to their people β€” β€œto be shepherds with the smell of sheep.”

I love that phrase, “to be shepherds with the smell of sheep”. It’s just so darn cool.


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