March, march – Let an impure blood water our furrows!

This story in the New York Times recounts the abuse a Mexican-American boy received after he sang the U. S. national anthem during the NBA finals.

I say, you are all a bunch of wimps (Canadians included). Want to hear a real national anthem? Listen to the French  La Marseillaise.

Here’s an especially martial version. I wanted to go beat up some oligarchic capitalists after I listened.

On the other hand, no matter how unappetizing you find the militarism, playing La Marseillaise can be the emotional center of a film classic like Casablanca.

You do, however, have an obligation to actually read the lyrics.

While “Oh, Canada” might lack some force, I’m satisfied with being the “true north strong and free.” I really like that I have what must be 10 additional minutes that I don’t have to stand with my hand over my heart. La Marseillaise takes such a long time to make its point.


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