Only One Thing Matters

North Americans are still hampered by their puritan forefathers – doing what’s right is more important than doing what feels good. In the coming weeks, I’m going to do what feels good. I’m going to enjoy my garden.



I have two apple trees. Only one seems to be bearing fruit this year. When these are ready in about three weeks, they will be juicy beyond anything you can imagine.


My raspberry bushes are very aggressive – there are suckers all over the place. As of now, there are a few early maturers and there’s nothing like a raspberry plucked fresh off the bush.


It also looks as though I’ll have a lot of grapes this year. They are a variety that does well in cold climates. Mostly they taste like concords – not my favorite grape. I’ll need to make friends with my grapes. They are green now, but will turn purple.


Probably our garden favorite is lettuce. It is one of the first plants to mature and we’ve been eating fresh lettuce for the last week. Ignore any dressing. Just taste the flavour.


This is the first year I’ve grown celery. I’m not usually a big fan, but you should really try celery that hasn’t been sitting in the produce section of a supermarket.


Last year, our tomatoes were beyond compare. I couldn’t find the same variety this year, so here’s hoping. They’ll start to be edible next week. I have both regular and cherry varieties.


The trick with zucchini is a shortened life span. Pick em early and put em in a stir fry.


Again, cucumber from the produce section is boring. Cucumber from your garden has amazing flavour. The variety I’m growing needs skinning.


Perhaps my favorite. Spinach.



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