And thank you Lord for my raspberries

Often in the prayers we might say in church on a Sunday morning, we thank God for the abundance of what He has given us. For me, in the past, it’s been a very intellectual thankfulness for all that He has provided.

To really understand abundance, have a successful garden.

I have so many raspberries, I can’t pick them all. The little devils hide in the deepest parts of the bush.

Do you have any idea what freshly picked raspberries, complimented by real cream and just a half teaspoon of sugar, taste like?

My wife, Phoebe, is addicted to the tomatoes. At all times of the day and night, she’ll head out to the garden for a snack.

And there are so many other plants that have been so productive. What do I so with an excess of rosemary? Time for a search on Google, and it seems to involve chicken.

Christmas became so much more meaningful for me when we had our own children. I knew what a gift the Christ child was, because we had our own babies.

Now I understand God’s gift of abundance. In the future, when I hear that phrase, I’ll think of more fresh tomatoes than one could possibly eat.

And with that abundance, the obvious choice is to share.


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