Ronnie Appleseed


I miss the old days (i. e., the previous two times I’ve made this trip). The United Flight I’d take from Calgary to Los Angeles landed two gates away from the Air New Zealand gate I needed for the Cook Islands.

Instead, I’ve had 10 hours in LAX. Not a good thing. Too much time to get into trouble.

I blame myself, but I’ll get to that.

It started with me looking in my carry on for my very fancy and expensive short pants I bought from Lee Valley. Check em out:,71260,71948

What man could resist all those pockets?

I packed the shorts because I thought I’d want to change into them for when I arrived on Rarotonga. When I got to LA, they were no where to be found. I have an email into lost and found at Calgary.

And I was going to look so fast for all the students at Titikaveka.

I also packed the jacket I wore to the airport in my backpack. You know those great kind where you can zip a fleece in? It had a hood.

It’s gone. I’ve retraced my steps all over the airport and gotten lost several times in the process. I’ll I got was exercise.

It looks like the weather on Mangaia is going to be plenty rainy for the whole week with temperatures a consistent 26. (24 at night). Follow along:

So, I might have used the jacket, although it could have been to warm.

I hate it when I leave a trail of my possessions as a wander the world. It’s kind of who I’ve always been, but if I spend time staring at my suitcase, backpack and envisioning what I’m going to put where, the situation improves considerably.

I even make up little stories for my stuff – but you don’t need to hear them.

I still have my hate. I think it’s a great hat, although it looks like it won’t take much of a beating. My favourite Tilley got lost on Raro two years ago.

And I still have Volume 2 of A History of the United States (post Civil War to the Kennedy assassination). It’s 1,023 pages. I was so afraid I wouldn’t have something to read.

About an hour and we’re off on our 10 hour flight.



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