Rexplicit Mystery Enigma

If you want to have your cat registered as pure bred, you need to submit a name. However, there are a limited number of letters you can use.

Last night, on my way home from Rarotonga to Saskatoon, I picked up Rexplicit Mystery Enigma from her breeder. We’ll use the short form, Misty. The name is a reference to a Winston Churchill quote. Only real nerds like my brother would say, “where’s the puzzle”? Sorry – not enough space.

Of course, being pulled from the only home she’d ever known was traumatizing. Plus, I took her on an airplane (the turbo prop!) and had to leave her under the seat in front of me. She had moments of unhappiness, but was a champ, really.

She decided last night that the best strategy was to find a hidey hole and leave Phoebe and I to worry about if she was alright. Twenty hours later, she still hasn’t shown a paw.

So, here’s Misty in the Calgary airport.

Misty in Calgary 1

Misty Calgary 2


2 responses to “Rexplicit Mystery Enigma

  1. BTW, Rexplicit is the name of the cattery.

  2. I decided that Mysterious Enigma sounded better.

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