Heaven’s Gate

I’m gradually learning my way around flying internationally. Primarily what I’ve determined is that you need to phone the airline and have them book your ticket. Booking online provides too many weird options – none of which seem right.

So, I am currently trying to find a way to spend the time from 12:00 noon, LAX time, when my flight from Rarotonga arrived, until 6:30 AM tomorrow morning (18 hours), when I board my flight to Calgary. It’s my own fault. When I was told the schedule, I didn’t realize that there was so much time in LA.

The second problem is that, since 9/11, airlines will only check in your bag the day of your flight. If you can’t check in your bag, you can’t go to your gate, or use all the multiple services that are available near the gates.

So, I”ve been wandering around Tom Bradley terminal, trying to find places to sit and things to do.

As most of you know, when I retired, I wanted to have adventures. My stay in LAX I’m going to classify as an adventure.

I have found a couple of places where I can sit. I’m in some seats near the elevator that takes you to the different levels of Tom Bradley terminal. Unfortunately, an Eastern European man is sitting near the only power outlet I can spy. Luckily, I’m well charged up. I’ll keep my eye on him and as soon as he leaves, I’ll pounce.


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